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One I Love, And One I Hate

I spend a lot of time researching lottery stuff - tricks, tactics, systems and general crazy rantings from people who think they have the whole game beaten...

This week two new 'systems' (well, new to me) crossed my desk which could not have been more different.

The first was a thing called 'Lotto Decoded' (you got to love the names they come up with for these things!). It was the usual gloss and hype. Lots of big promises and nothing much in the way of facts about what it really is. I normally just ignore these - when the hype outweighs the facts it's never genuine. For some reason though I decided to dig a little deeper on this, and quickly proved myself right. It turns out the sales page was full of faked photos and this big regular winner just plain didn't exist! Well, there's a surprise. Keep your money firmly in your pocket if you see this one around. It's a total scam.

The next one I came across was called 'Win Lotto Systems'. A fairly crummy name by usual standards and not the best sales page by any means. Thing is, I often find that tends to mean there is more substance than the super glossy hype machines which are all show and then some completely made up lottery advice that does nothing to help anybody.

The other thing that made me look even deeper (and eventually buy it!) was that I found a good detailed review of Win Lotto Systems - this is from the guy who runs It's pretty good too. No, it's nothing radical that will have jackpots popping out of the woodwork every weekend, because nothing will do that anyway. What it is though is some good old fashioned common sense wrapped up in a decent strategy. No hype, just decent. It is a bit expensive for what you get unfortunately - but when most lottery systems cost twice as much for something that is a pack of useless lies, it still somehow feels good value overall. Halve the price and it would be a bargain.

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Wow, You Really Can Cheat The Lottery! Almost.

I've been following this story for ages, it's one of the most fascinating things to happen in the lottery world for a very long time. So if you haven't heard about the Eddie Tipton you're in for a fascinating tale.

Mr Tipton was a tech and security guy at the lottery headquarters where they ran computer based draws for a number of different US State lottery games. Of course that's a pretty trusted position, and not an easy job to get. If you've ever done time I wouldn't even bother applying ;-).

I say he 'was' with them because he just got sentenced to 10 years in prison for fixing the results of the Iowa Hot Lotto!

To be fair this is not something that is at all easy to do in any way, shape or form. So you don't really need to worry. Of course he also got caught and sent to prison so it's not like it's easy to get away with even if you manage to fix the results in the first place.

What most people don't know is that with those computer based draws, this is not just some little program running on some guys desktop computer. The draw computer is total isolated from any computer network, and is securely locked up in glass walled room with surveillance cameras. Only a very few people can even access that room (such as Mr Tipton)!

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Lottery Systems - M'eh, Lottery Shmystems

Have you ever bought a lottery book? Or any kind of lottery product, particularly online?

If so, you might just have noticed that 99.9% of them are total freakin' trash written by people who are either entirely insane or just cynically separating people from their money.

You can often tell the more shady money extractors, and the worst of the crazies. But there's also a fair sized middle ground of stuff that will do nothing but confuse you and hurt your credit card.

Take the Gail Howard series of products for example. They've been around forever and are really well known and even greatly liked. The sad fact though is that a lot of her advice is totally silly. She advises all sorts of number picking methods that any High School maths teacher will confirm do not help you. Her wheeling systems are still pretty good, although not the best available any longer.

You might have also seen publicity desperate Richard Lustig. He's been on lots of big shows in the US as the '7 times lottery winner'. His advice is laughable and his book is useless yet the media are too in love with his 'headline' to actually find out if there is any substance there. I won't give away the ending here - but see if you can find out how much his '7 jackpots' really amounts to...

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